Build Bitcoin Wealth with the Satoshi-Tool

Aurum Crowdfunding can make your dreams come true

It is time to start living. The Satoshi-Tool is a fully automated system that when correctly implemented will allow you to turn a one-time payment of 0.0430 bitcoin (approx. $200.00) into a lifelong income of 2 bitcoin every 15 days. Just 1 bitcoin is worth more than $3500.00 US.

Note: Bitcoin value has gone way up since this video was made and still rising fast. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to get started!

If you are worried about the legalities of Crowd Funding, you only need to know that (ex) US President Obama signed legislation to legalize Crowdfunding in 2012. Here you have an opportunity to get involved with 2 of the hottest trends going today - Bitcoin and Crowd Funding.

If you want to start receiving 2 bitcoin every 15 days, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1. You need to have an online bitcoin wallet with at least 0.0430 bitcoin in it. If you don't have one, then go to and open an account. You will need to load it with at least 0.043 bitcoin. Click on "Buy Bitcoin" and follow directions. To speed things up, you can get bitcoin from your someone in your upline by using paypal, payza or STP.

Step 2. Register with Aurum Crowdfunding and verify your email address for Your Aurum Crowdfunding account. Warning: Do not register if step 1 is not completed!

Step 3. Login and in your back-office donate 0.040 bitcoin to your direct upline's Crowdfunding Project. This will qualify you to start receiving donations for your own Crowdfunding project. This is a one time out of pocket expense. Everything after is all done automatically for you by the Satoshi-Tool.

Step 4. In your back office you'll need to put in your bitcoin receiving information to get paid. You can get that information from your bitcoin wallet system (Blockchain account)by clicking on receive bitcoin. Copy that information and put it into your Aurum Crowdfunding backoffice.

Step 5. In your backoffice, fill out the Crowdfunding Project form to detail your own Crowdfunding Project. Once you have completed the form, you will receive at no cost, a website that details your Crowdfunding Project.

Step 6. You'll receive a copy of this website linked to your Aurum Crowdfunding Registration site. With this website you will be able find 2 like-minded people who do the same as you. Now you will have 2 websites to get referrals. Your Crowdfunding Project website is to share with people you know and this website is for getting people you don't know. Once you are ready to start promoting, we have a source that will get you 1000 targeted visitors to your website for only 25 dollars.

Step 7. Work continuously to make sure that you and everyone in your downlines gets at least 2 like-minded people. Do not waste time on negative people. Do not rely on spillover because it won't happen if you don't take action. Spillover only happens when everyone on our team starts referring other people. This is the law of Karma. If you are not good at recruiting, buy advertising! Spend a couple hundred dollars on advertising and you will get your 2 or more easily using this website. Invest 400 dollars to get 15,000 dollars every month is a really good investment, isn't it?

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The best part about Aurum Crowdfunding is that the matrix is only 3 levels deep – meaning it is much easier than other matrix programs that have deeper levels. Each extra level has twice as many crowdfunding people to find which makes it very difficult to complete. With Aurum, you only have 2+4+8=14 people in your personal matrix. When each of the 8 people on your 3rd level have their matixes completed, you earn 4 bitcoin ($15,000.00) every month! That is a total of 8x14=112 people in which each person only needs to get 2. Just set a goal to get 8 people and if you fall short, 2 is enough. 4000 members have already joined and many are already receiving 4 bitcoin every month.

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Disclaimer: Any income claims presented here are NOT intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible. Success in any business requires taking action, leadership, work and dedication. Also past results do NOT guarantee future results but it is a good sign that the company is well managed and organized!

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